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The MOWAA team is constantly growing and improving and we’re always looking for great people who share our vision.

Our Partners

To achieve MOWAA's aspirations, the Trust has prioritized building collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships with leading institutions both in Nigeria and internationally.

MOWAA Trust is an independent non-profit organisation in Nigeria set up to provide facilities and execute high-value cultural, arts and heritage initiatives in West Africa.

We welcome all who would like to join our community dedicated to making our ambitious vision of creating a world-class museum, research and education centre – connecting West Africa’s ancient heritage to its thriving contemporary arts and culture, a reality.  Help us create EMOWAA, a hub for contemporary creatives in Africa, and equip a new generation of Africans to be leaders in heritage management.

Courtesy of the Artist

If you would like to support MOWAA, there are a few ways you can do this.

To give through our giving partner’s, Myriad USA, please visit their website to learn more:

For gifts by check: Write your check to Myriad USA, write “American Friends of MOWAA – Museum of West African Art” in the memo section of the check, and send it to Myriad USA, 551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2400, New York, NY 10176.

Or, if you would like to donate by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email Myriad USA at: for general enquiries or Brenda Orellana at: for specific enquiries on gifting or call (01) 212 713 7660.

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Working with MOWAA

The team at MOWAA are connected by a commitment to the vision and mission of the Institution.

We are-

Relevant – appealing to local communities, as well as regional and international audiences; our programming and design will be shaped by stakeholders’ needs and input.

Integrated – part of a larger urban regeneration scheme that seeks to ensure that the museum and cultural district are integrated with other infrastructural developments and the city’s masterplan.

Sustainable MOWAA will proactively establish commercial opportunities – from merchandising and retail to hospitality and real estate – to generate ongoing income and minimize dependencies on state or philanthropic support.

Responsible- Ensuring the heritage of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria and West Africa is preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

Our current job listings

  • We are seeking an early-career conservator to join our Collections department. The Associate Conservator reports to the Head of Collections and is responsible for the preventive care – and support in supervised restoration work - of art and artifacts in the collection.
    It is expected that the Associate Conservator will remain current with advances in the conservation field and be an active member of the community. This role will also provide expertise to support acquisitions, loans, exhibitions, and other undertakings fundamental to the Museum’s operations, building on a strong culture of internal teamwork between Curatorial, Outreach & Learning, and Facility Management colleagues.

    Duties and responsibilities:


    • Manage and treat a range of artworks, including metals, ceramics, and organic materials
    • Continuously monitor the physical condition and environmental parameters of objects both on display and in storage, ensuring optimal conditions for longevity
    • Offer expert advice on the display and storage of works, considering preservation needs
    • Working closely with the Head of Collection, evaluate conditions for incoming and outgoing loans to safeguard artworks during transit and display
    • Oversee the conservation laboratory and its maintenance
    • Collaborate with facility management and other departments to address environmental issues affecting collections, such as HVAC systems and gallery lighting.


    • Keep up with latest trends and treatment procedures in conservation practice through research and training.
    • Conduct scientific research on objects within or relating to MOWAA’s collection when necessary
    • Lead the develop of MOWAA’s reference collection, working with MOWAA’s Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art

    Object Safety and Documentation

    • Support collection management through documentation, accession and deaccession processing at MOWAA
    • Analyse changes in physical state, treatment needs and assess risk to the object with regards to exhibition, environmental conditions, and handling, escalting where appropriate
    • Collaborate with Curatorial teams to develop a long-term plan for continued security of the permanent collection
    • Contribute research and regular updates to the Facility Disaster Plan

    Expertise and Training

    • Train members of MOWAA partner institutions.
    • Mediate and communicate with staff, other institutions, artists and community members on matters relating to the preservation and conservation of objects in MOWAA’s interest.
    • Work with the Head of Collections, develop and implement policies and procedures relating to the safety of objects in the permanent collection or in the care of MOWAA

    External Conservation Services

    • Conduct surveys and cultivate relationships potential clients for external conservation services to the museums, art galleries or private collectors
    • Meet with clients, examine works, provide analysis of treatment needs, provide an estimate of cost, perform and document condition
    • Research and examine treatment methodologies
    • Develop and monitor conservation budget on select projects

    Museum Practice

    • Travel to host venues for museum exhibitions to conduct condition reporting and oversee art handling processes.
    • Collaborate with outreach, learning, and curatorial departments to promote accessibility, cultural sensitivity, and equity in museum practices.
    • Work with communication teams to develop public-facing messages promoting responsible art care and conservation.
    • Undertake additional administrative tasks and assignments as required to support museum operations.

    Key Qualifications

    • A Bachelor’s, or post graduate degree in Conservation or related field from a recognized training institution with a specialization in object conservation.
    • A portfolio with condition report, treatment proposal and treatment report.
    • Basic photography skills
    • Proven ability to carry out comprehensive conservation projects based on a documented decision-making process involving risk assessment, careful ethical consideration, and proper collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, while demonstrating a high degree of manual dexterity and technical knowledge whenever required.
    • Preventive conservation skill is highly desired.
    • Able to prioritise work under little to no supervision within a specific time frame
    • Community oriented with an ability to work within a large dynamic team.
    • Possess effective oral and written communication skills.

    How to apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to by 30
    May 2024. Please include “Associate Conservator” in the subject line of your email.

    Find the full job description here.

  • As part of our commitment to effective governance and organizational development, we are seeking a qualified senior HR Manager to provide support in HR functions, corporate compliance management, and board relations. The primary objective of this position is to oversee human resources functions while also providing support in corporate compliance management and board relations to ensure organizational effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

    Key Responsibilities

    Recruitment & Employee Relations

    • Manage recruitment processes, including job postings, candidate screening, interviews, contract negotiation, and onboarding.
    • Oversee performance management systems and processes, including staff appraisals and performance improvement plans.
    • Design and implement HR services products to improve staff retention, satisfaction, and overall experience
    • Manage HR databases related to personnel data, contracting, benefits and performance, ensuring these are up-to-date
    • Manage and develop junior HR and admin staff
    • Conduct special projects, such as workforce planning or leadership development programs, as needed


    Staff Training and Internal Compliance

    • Develop and implement HR policies and procedures in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and MOWAA’s mission
    • Educate and train employees on policies, regulations, and industry practices
    • Address employee concerns or questions regarding all organisational policies and regulatory compliance
    • Develop crisis management plans and lead responses to compliance violations

    Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive legal and regulatory compliance program
    • Establish effective internal controls and monitor adherence to them
    • Draft and revise organisational policies to align with industry standards, with input from relevant MOWAA and external specialists
    • Review contracts for risks and provide mitigating solutions
    • Conduct proactive audits to identify process weaknesses
    • Oversee the filing of tax, legal and regulatory documents, including annual reports

    Board Relations and Corporate Governance

    • Organize board meetings, including agenda preparation, material distribution, and minute-taking
    • Ensure effective communication and implementation of board decisions
    • Advise the board on legal responsibilities and corporate governance policies
    • Promote ethical practices and compliance with codes of conduct and anti-corruption policies
    • Undertake other reasonable administrative duties and written assignments as required


    Key Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Law, or related field. Master’s degree preferred.
    • Proven experience in human resources management, corporate compliance, and board relations, preferably in the non-profit sector.
    • Strong understanding of Nigeria’s labour laws, regulations, and compliance requirements.
    • Strong English language communication, both verbally and in writing
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and HRIS software

    How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to by 10 May
    2024. Please include “HR & Compliance Manager” in the subject line of your email.

    Find the full job description here.

  • As MOWAA’s geophysical lead, the role requires experience and understanding of all forms of geophysical survey, most importantly Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). You will be responsible for ensuring that all geophysical surveys are accurately located, typically using a total station tied into a known coordinate system or grid. Having collected the data, you will use appropriate software (e.g. GPR Slice) to analyze it and create clear outputs, including illustrated reports. You will also ensure that raw data and any interpretative datasets are securely and systematically stored on MOWAA’s data storage systems (SharePoint, etc.). Additionally, you will undertake further training in different geophysical systems with project partners as necessary.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Geophysical Survey:

    • Manage, maintain, and operate geophysical equipment.
    • Conduct surveys using multiple techniques (GPR, magnetometry, resistivity imaging).
    • Coordinate projects and manage client interactions.
    • Develop method statements setting out the approach to geophysical surveys.

    Analysis & Reporting:

    • Use geophysical software (GPR Slice, Res2DInv, Geosoft) for data processing and interpretation.
    • Integrate geophysical data with archaeological and environmental datasets.
    • Produce high-quality reports with detailed graphics and clear interpretations.
    • Be familiar with GIS software and manage geospatial databases to enable the results of geophysical surveys to be imported into GIS formats.

    Management and Storage:

    • Ensure secure and systematic storage of geospatial data.
    • Collaborate with the digital team on data management best practices.
    • Work with MOWAA’s digital team to agree on formats and locations for the short and long-term storage of geospatial data.
    • Manage and develop geospatial databases in collaboration/cooperation with other members of MOWAA’s digital team.

    How to Apply:  To apply, submit your CV, cover letter to by July 30, 2024. Kindly include “Geophysics Specialist” in the subject line. Enquires should also be sent to the same address.

    Find the full job description here.

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